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Yes. There is actually no age definitions in Ontario for a child to be left alone. A child can be left alone if they have the maturity to be able to handle it. This directly from CAS. However, they aren't to be left overnight alone only for short times during daylight hours. Their website states: At what age can a child be left home alone? The Child and Family Services Act does not identify an age when a child can be left alone, or an age at which a child can supervise or babysit other children. The Act recognizes that age alone is not a sufficient safeguard for the supervision of children. The Act says that a person who has charge of a child less than 16 years of age cannot leave the child without making provision for his/her care or supervision that is reasonable under the circumstances. Anyone who contravenes this provision is guilty of a provincial offence and if convicted is liable to a fine of up to $1,000 and/or imprisonment of up to a year. In addition, the Criminal Code of Canada includes the offence of abandoning a child. Everyone who unlawfully abandons or exposes a child who is under the age of 10 years, so that its life is or is likely to be endangered, or its health is or is likely to be permanently injured is guilty of an offence that carries a penalty of imprisonment of not more than two years. If you're unsure as to whether it's okay to leave your child home alone, please consult with your local Children's Aid Society -- you don't have to give your name, or any identifying information.

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Q: Can a 11 year child home alone in Ontario?
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How long can a 12 year long stay home alone in MD?

In Maryland, the minimum age of leaving a child home alone is 8 years. Depending on the maturity of the child, I'd say that a 12 year old can be left home alone for the daytime, but overnight, the child should be at least 15.

What will SS do if 7 year old child is left home alone?

A seven year old child left home alone: SS would open file and do an investigation. The child would most likely be removed into a foster home until ss complete investigation.

Could your parents get in trouble for leavin a 15 year old and a 13 year old at home alone all night?

No I was left alone at 10 with a 12 year old there is no law that you can't leave a child alone at home.

How old does a child have to be to take care of a 5 year old alone in MO?

The state of Missouri actually has no law regulating the age at which a child can be left alone at home, so you could leave your six year old child at home to watch your five year old child, and it would still be technically legal.

What age can a child be left alone at home?

In Canada it is okay to have your twelve year old at home alone, no younger than that.

In MO what is the legal age a child can stay home alone?

it is 14 year old

In Colorado can you leave your 7 year old child at home alone?

There are no laws in Colorado that specifically address the age that a child can be left home alone. 7 is usually considered much too young to be left alone, and it could lead to child endangerment charges. Most authorities agree that a 12 year old can be safely left at home alone for a few hours during the day time.

How long can a child of 11 years be left at home alone in the state of Maryland by themselves?

How long can a child of 12 years old be left at home alone in the state of Maryland?

Is it illegal to leave your child home alone?

in Canada it is legal to leave a 10 year old alone and a 12 year old is the age you have to be to babysit a younger person

Is it legal in AL to leave a 16 year old child home alone for the weekend?

Yes it is. I'm pretty sure all of the country's law is that a child may not stay home alone under the age of 16.

Is it legal to leave a 13 year old alone overnight in Ohio?

What is the legal age in ohio to leave a child home alone overnight?

Can a 13 year old be left alone at home with a 5 year old child?

Only if that person is mature, responsible and experienced