Can MDMA be smoked

Updated: 9/6/2023
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I'm not going to say you can't simply because you can smoke a lot of substances. Pure MDMA can be formulated into a substance that can be smoked with ease, however smoking a smokable form of MDMA will produce absolutly no desirable results as MDMA is simply destroyed from heat. If any of your socially darwinated friends tell you otherwise they are either stupid or lying. I have a degree in chemistry so thou dust not doubt me, lol

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Yes, crush up a tab or pop open a capsule and sprinkle it on a with a joint or blunt generously, you cant really feel it by itself but if consumed with weed it makes it burn slower. You will feel the effects of ecstasy and thc, but its a different kind of high. Depending on the type of weed that is consumed it is usually a head high.

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Q: Can MDMA be smoked
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METHYLONE...How to smoke?

Methylone/M1/bk-mdma can be smoked in a rizla with tobacco or in a bong. Much like anything else

What pills to take if you wanna trip when you smoked dope?

MDMA or ectsasy. Such as: lucifer's or Vikings, Mally's, etc. They're get the job done quickly.

Can you smoke MDMA?

In freebase form, MDMA can be vaporized easily. it has a very low boiling point; about 100-110 degrees celsius (tentative). Users report smoking MDMA salts to be virtually ineffective but some say it has some activity. MDMA salts are very common since freebase MDMA cannot be pressed into pills. If you attempt smoking MDMA be wary. smoking even measured amounts of well-identified substances is much more dangerous than oral ingestion because it will hit harder and reach peak effect substantially quicker. The effect is said to be more speedy when smoked with much less of the empathetic qualities of orally ingested mdma; much like when taken intranasally (snorted).

What does mdma means?

3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)

What is the illustration for MDMA?

The chemical formula of MDMA is C11H15O2.

Will MDMA test positive as amphetamines?

No, there are no other medicines that use MDMA.

Can mdma from a person be transfered to a cat by touch?

No. MDMA is only effective if ingested.

What happens if you take MDMA then paracetamol?

If you mix paracetamol and MDMA you make heroin



Mdma chemical structure?


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buy MDMA and other research chemicals ...

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