Can Humans create energy

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Energy cannot be created by any means, only moved about and converted from one form to another.

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Q: Can Humans create energy
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Can humans create or destroy energy?

both actually, but mostly we destroy energy because we use it every day.

Can us humans create kinetic energy?

Sure, we do it every time we throw anything.

Did volcanoes create humans?

No, volcanoes did not create humans.

If people can't create energy then where do we get energy?

We use energy that has been in existence, in some form, since the beginning of the Universe. Actually, humans do "create" energy. We use a chemical process to break down various food molecules, releasing the bonding energy which formerly held such molecules together.

Where do humans get energy from?

There are many sources that humans can get their energy from. Humans typically get their energy from different food sources.

Where do humans get there energy?

Humans use food for energy.

What is energy for humans?

thermal energy maybe?

Humans get there energy from what kind of energy?

humans get there energy from minerals and carbohydrates . the stored energy is changed in muscular energy.

How do machines create energy?

It is wrong to say machines create energy. Machines have to be given energy to make them effective. This could be electric energy, solid liquid or gaseous energy, thermal energy, mechanical energy (like a flywheel for example). It may be possible to design machines which will search for their energy by themselves, some robots may already have achieved. Remember we humans are also machines, but we get our energy from digesting food.

Does chloroplast create energy?

No they do not create. Chlorophyll convert energy,light energy into chemical energy

Who helps Prometheus create humans?

Prometheus didn't create humans he just gave them fire.

Can organisms create their own energy?

Not all organisms can create their own energy from the sun, only if you mean plants. We, humans, can't create energy from sun directly, but can indirectly create energy from plants through the food chain. Plants create energy through the process of photosynthesis, and we humans either eat the plant or eat the organism that ate the plant to obtain energy. Hope that helps!