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Yes, you can mix both in the same syringe

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Q: Can Humalog and Humulin N be mixed in the same syringe without compromising either medication?
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Can humulin N and humulin r be mixed in the same syringe?

yes it can be mixed as long as the doses is less than 35 /cc

What do the numbers on the syringe mean?

How many millimeters of whatever medication is in the syringe

Use the word syringe in a sentence?

Syringe.................Some people use a syringe with drugs

What type of syringe is never used to prepare chemotherapy medication?

sterile syringe

What is a function of the flange of a syringe?

helps injecting the medication

Which type of medication is injected with a syringe?

Sterile preparations

Is 1cc 1.0 or 0.1 on a medication syringe?


Which line is the marking for .25ml on a syringe?

On a 1 ml Syringe the line marking .25 ml will be a longer hash mark between .20 ml and .30 ml. When measuring medication always use the syringe included with the medication.

How do doctors fill up syringes?

It depends what substance is going into the syringe. If it is a medication, sometimes the doctor will attach a hollow needle to the syringe and place the needle into a bottle of medication - this way he can draw up the medication into the syringe via the needle. The needle will then be removed from the syringe and discarded. The alternative method is that some bottles have a silicone stopper around the top, with a tiny hole in the middle where the (needle-less) syringe fits. You stick the tip of the syringe into hole so that it fits snugly, turn the bottle upside down and draw up the medication. The snug fit means that the medication doesn't drip everywhere when you turn the bottle upside down.

What is the function of the flange in a syringe?

The term syringe actually refers to the type of fluid that is in encased in the reservoir of the syringe. However, the function of a syringe is either to pull or push liquid from that reservoir.

What syringe is best for humulin?

It depends on your dosage. If you are taking 30 units or less a 3/10cc syringe with a 28 gauge would be good. If you need more than 30 units or if you're mixing insulins, a 1/2cc. We've had good results with BD stringes.

Why is air injected into a vial before attempting to withdraw a drug with a syringe?

you have to add air to get return of the medication into the syringe because the vial is a vacuum. you are breaking the seal of the vacuum and will get out in medication what you put in of air.