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check ebay.

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Q: Can DERMABOND be sold over the counter?
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Is sold over the counter?

No. You can only get it with a perscription from your Doctor.

Is Valium sold over the counter in Bulgaria?


Who sell male enhancement pills over the counter?

They are not sold legally over the counter in the US, it requires a doctor's prescription.

What is otc products?

Products that do not require a prescription and sold "over the counter"!

Podofilox topical can I buy it over the counter?

Podofilox is a topical gel used to treat warts on the outside of the skin. Podofilox requires a prescription, and is not sold over the counter.

Does aspirin have co dine in it?

Aspirin, sold over the counter does not have codeine in it. Codeine is a narcotic.

Is aspirin a over the counter antibiotic?

Yes. Aspirin, Tylenol and Aleve are all OTC (over-the-counter) medicines. Once again, i am not a pharmacist, nor do i have any pharmacological training, so, be careful out there!

Can shiitake mushrooms be sold over the counter?

Of Course. Shiitakes are completely edible and extremely delicious. They are hard to find but sold in stores.

Where can you buy technetium?

Technetium is not a material to be sold to anyone on the counter.

What is OTC medication?

OTC means " over the counter" So, any drug sold over the counter.

What is dermabond actually used for?

Dermabond is a skin adhesive that is used by a doctor instead of stitches to close open wounds. This leads to a fast recovery for the patient and allows the doctor to avoid using a needle.

Can you buy anything similar over the counter to lansoprazole?

A person can buy a similar product to lansoprazole over-the-counter. One such product is omeprazole or 'Prilosec OTC'. Lansoprazole is also sold over-the-counter as the product 'Prevacid 24 HR'. These medications are for acid reflux and stomach ulcers.