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No. Although types of dwarfism, and their severity and complications, vary from person to person, in general a child's life span is not affected by dwarfism. (:

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Q: Can Achondroplasia affect a person's lifespan?
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Who does achondroplasia affect?

it affects all the animals of the world!(:

How does Achondroplasia affect children?

achondroplasia have a very high risk of serious and repeated middle ear infections, which can result in hearing loss. The disease does not affect either mental capacity, or reproductive ability.

Do autistic persons have a shorter lifespan?

No, autistic people do not have a shorter lifespan. There is nothing about autism that would cause someone to have a shorter lifespan.

What is another name for the anticipated length of persons life?


How much is medicines or hospitals for people with achondroplasia?

There are no medications for achondroplasia

How is achondroplasia diagnosed?

whats the name of the test that diagnoses achondroplasia

Does scoliosis affect the lifespan of a person?

No. The slight curvature it causes in the spine has no impact on lifespan.

Do Ellie Simmonds parents have achondroplasia?

no Ellie Simmonds parents has not got achondroplasia

What is the prognosis for people with Achondroplasia?

causes considerable deformity. However, with careful attention paid to the development of dangerous complications (nerve compression, hydrocephalus), most people are in good health, and can live a normal lifespan

Is achondroplasia hereditary?

yes, achondroplasia is hereditary and if one of a parent has it you have 50% chance to inheriting it.

Is there a cure for achondroplasia?


Is anyone looking for a cure for achondroplasia?

Yes ,we are looking for a cure for achondroplasia. Please help! Amita