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The aluminium foil is so thin that heat would soon pass through it. The shiny surface would reflect some heat back to the bottle. If the bottle and foil was wrapped in an insulating material (thick cardboard, bath towel, newspaper, etc.) then the bottle would retain more of the heat

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How can I keep water cool?

cover it with an aluminum foil

Does aluminum foil or paper towels keep water placed in a cup and ice colder?


What is the chemicals name used in metal to wrap food to keep it fresh?

Aluminum foil. Sometimes it is mistakenly referred to as "tin foil" which was aluminum foil's predecessor.

Is tin foil waterproof?


Why do foil balls sink in water?

Foil balls usually sink in water because aluminum foil is denser than water, causing it to displace less water than its own weight, resulting in a net downward force. Additionally, the shape of the foil ball may not provide enough buoyancy to keep it afloat.

What is the best design for an aluminum foil boat to hold pennies?

A design with a wide base and tall walls is desirable for an aluminum foil boat. You want enough surface area supporting the pennies so they will keep floating and to not compromise that for wall height to keep water from enter your vessel.

Aluminum foil to highlight hair?

Hair stylists seerate the hair to highlight it and use aluminum foil to keep the color from touching hair that shouldn't be highlighted

What is bacofoil?

Bacofoil is a brand of kitchen foil, also known as aluminum foil. It is used for wrapping food to keep it fresh, for cooking, and for lining pans and trays to prevent food from sticking.

Does a pop can stay cooler longer when aluminum foil is wrapped around it?

Aluminum foil does not keep a soda pop cooler for longer periods of time since aluminum is not an insulator. Foam can wrappers do insulate and keep soda cooler for longer periods of time.

How can you keep an Aluminum bottle clean?

wash and polish it

Can you keep food in aluminum foil?

Yes. That's what it's for and it keeps it fresh.

Does aluminum foil keep apples fresh?

yes, but not as well as plastic wrap