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1.) Make sure situation is safe and check for potential hazardous materials.
2.) Protect yourself from diseases that may come from the other person.

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By following the standard precautions, you will be able to protect yourself from the injuries and the other people.

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Q: By following standard precautions to protect yoirself and the injured or ill person you can?
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Why should you observe safety precautions while caring for animals?

When caring for animals, and in all your other activities, you should practice appropriate safety precautions because you do not want to be injured or worse, and precautions help you avoid that.

When can a player on injured reserve play again?

Once they are on the injured reserve list, they remain there for the remainder of the season. They can play again the following season if they are not injured and the team resigns their contract.

What is the french word for injured?

AnswerblesséThe following link may be of interest to

Which people are most likely to get injured?

People who engage in high-risk activities, such as extreme sports or manual labor, are more likely to get injured. Additionally, individuals who do not follow safety precautions or have a history of previous injuries may also be at higher risk.

What are the reasons for taking safety precautions and what would be the consequences of not doing so?

The reason to take safety precautions is to prevent injury, illness or death to you or someone else, and to prevent damage to property. The consequences of not taking appropriate safety precautions are the you or someone else may be injured, made ill, or killed, or you may cause substantial damage to someone else's property or to your own.

How many people get injured in the Bathroom?

It is estimated that around 200,000 people in the United States are injured in the bathroom each year. Common causes of injuries include slips, falls, and burns from hot water. It's important to take precautions to minimize the risk of accidents in the bathroom.

What 3 Safety precautions when taking blood pressure?

Bp should not check on any injured hand.pregnant women check the bp on sitting position.if the reading is very high check on other hand.

What are some precautions for cheerleading?

1. Stretching - always stretch especially before jumping, tumbling, or stunting 2. Make sure you have someone to supervise stunting in case someone were to be injured 3. NO JEWELRY!

What are safety precautions with syringes and needles?

Used syringes and needles should be discarded quickly in appropriate containers. If a needlestick injury occurs, it must be reported immediately and proper treatment administered to the injured person.

Which of the following are among the top 10 reasons why people are not more physically active?

Not enough timeFear of being injured

Which of following are among the top 10 reasons why people are not more physically active?

Not enough timeFear of being injured

Why do essendon players keep getting injuried?

It is possible that many of the Essendon players keep getting injured because they are not taking safety precautions. It could also just be because of the conditions they often have to play unde.