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Avocado is known as butter fruit and has a few medicinal uses such as for anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties. The leaves of the avocado can speed wound healing by making it into a poultice.

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  • Avocados, are high in mono-unsaturated fats and calories. However, they are very rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals and packed with numerous health benefiting plant nutrients.

  • Their creamy pulp is very rich source of mono-unsaturated fatty acids like oleic and palmitoleic acids as well as omega-6 poly-unsaturated fatty acid linoleic acid. Research studies suggest that Mediterranean diet that is rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids help lower LDL or bad cholesterol and increase HDL or good cholesterol, thereby, prevent coronary artery disease and strokes by favoring healthy blood lipid profile.

  • They are very good source of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber. 100 g fruit provides 6.7 g or about 18% of recommended daily intake. Dietary fibers help lower blood cholesterol levels and prevent constipation.

  • It contain high concentration of tannin. Tannin, a poly-phenolic compound, which was once labeled as anti-nutritional agent is in-fact, has beneficial anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer and anti-oxidant properties.

  • Its flesh contains many health promoting flavonoid poly-phenolic antioxidants such as cryptoxanthin, lutein, zeaxanthin, beta and alpha carotenes in small amounts. Together, these compounds act as protective scavengers against oxygen-derived free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS) that play a role in aging and various disease processes.

  • They are also good in many health-benefiting vitamins. Vitamin A, E, and K are especially concentrated in its creamy pulp.

  • Avocados also excellent sources of minerals like iron, copper, magnesium, and manganese. Magnesium is essential for bone strengthening and has cardiac-protective role as well. Manganese is used by the body as a co-factor for the antioxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutase. Iron and copper are required in the production of red blood cells.

  • Fresh avocado pear is a very rich source of potassium. 100 g of fruit provides 485 mg or about 10% of daily-required levels. Potassium is an important component of cell and body fluids where it helps regulate heart rate and blood pressure, countering bad effects of sodium.

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Q: Butter fruit its value in medicine?
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Why do you call butter fruit?

No one calls butter fruit.

How do you say 'butter fruit' in Kannada?

Butter fruit in Kannada is "beṇṇe haṇṇu." Avocados are referred to as "butter fruit" in several parts of India due to the butter-like consistency of its flesh.

Where do you get this butter fruit and what it is called in Hindi?

This unique fruit is grown only in the western ghats of coorg in Karnataka, India. It is called butter fruit in Hindi also because it is not a fruit of Hindi speaking region so the word butter fruit is adapted in Hindi. The fruit is called Avocado

How do you eat butter fruit?

1. Choose ripen butter fruit. A ripen butter fruit makes sound when shaken because of detached seed from the pulp of fruit. 2. Now cut the butter fruit in to halves horizontally. 3. Remove the big seed inside, take cut halves of butter fruit and start scarping the pulp of fruit from inside using a spoon. 4. The pulp of soft butter fruit makes butter like cream while the outer skin of fruit serves as a cup. 5. It tastes better if you add sugar and eat.

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What is the botanical name of butter fruit?

Butter fruit, which is better known as Avocado, has the botanical name Persea Americana.Avocado is also sometimes known as "alligator pear".

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Is avocado fruit plant available in kerala?

Yes, it is also known as butter fruit