Breast pain and nausea

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Either signs of pms or pregnant

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Q: Breast pain and nausea
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Does having stomach pain and breast pain mean pregnancy?

Well, stomach pain and breast pain are obviously two different areas., this should not determine pregnancy.. You would have other symptoms, such as breast tenderness and weight gain, nausea.. that is if you are pregnant. If your not then could be just time of the month and sometimes that causes stomach pain, which can be determined to be gastric pain.. Hope this helps..

Could back pain lead to nausea?

Yes pain can leed to nausea because you have pain.

Symptoms of birth control?

The ones for MyNextChoice(morning after pill) are menstrual changes(period changing), nausea, lower stomach(abdominal)pain, tiredness, headache, dizziness, breast pain, vomiting.

When you have acid reflux will it cause pain in left side of chest and nausea?

Yes it can present with chest pain , abdominal pain and with nausea

What are symptoms of conception?

Nausea, vomiting, and breast tenderness.

Can a herniated disk in neck cause breast pain?

No. It can not cause breast pain. Breast is supplied by thoracic nerves.

What type of breast pain is a sign that you might have breast cancer?

Breast Pain and CancerThere is no specific type of breast pain that is a sign that a patient might have breast cancer. Breast cancer does not typically cause breast pain.Virtually all the breast pains that women experience are caused by benign problems. Most of these are caused by fibrocystic breast and hormonal changes.However, you have to be careful when you hear people say that if you have breast pain then, you do not have breast cancer. This is because breast pain and breast cancer can coexist in the same breast, but they are not usually related. In other words one did not cause the other.So, the same woman with breast cancer can have breast pain, just like the same woman with breast cancer can have blue eyes or grey hairs.So, a woman with breast pain is not protected from breast cancer and should still be screened for breast cancer like any other woman.

Is it harmful to squeeze breast during breast pain?

There is no evidence that squeezing the breast is harmful, however that may increase the pain.

What are signs of morning sickness?

Morning sickness could be nausea, stomach pain, sore breast, fatigue and others. It also can take place anytime of day, not just the morning.

Is green breast milk normal?

Green breast milk could be the result of a milk duct infection or merely a reflection of a change in the mothers diet. It is a good idea to consult a doctor, especially when accompanied by pain, nausea, fever, or chills.

What is breast tenderness its pain or swelling or hardness or softness of breast or nipples?

Breast tenderness is all of that. It could be tenderness, pain, swelling...etc of a breast or nipple

Achy breast and upper back pain?

pain between breast achy upper back

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