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Why don't you re-write that question again a bit clearer and with punctuation - it's impossible to understand.

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Q: Boyfriend andi had unprotectedsex oct and nov heonly precome last time was 11 16 then i did a blood and urine done nov negative dont no if that was to early to do that neg period 12 to 16 jan 2wkearly?
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I tried to masterbute but after the precome all that came out was urine. what should i do.?


Im 13 circomsized i LOVE masterbathing iv only came 2ce it was whit but now im having problems with coming not even precome comes out i us a circle going up and down is there better ways to do t?

nae luck son:L

Is it normal to precome during passionate kissing but still being flaccid?

I'd say yes. It's not really a precum but the lubricant that helps the semen slide without friction during ejaculation. Some people call it precum but it contains no semen at all... only lube. =)

You feel pregnant but it was only precome?

If you are having pregnancy symptoms and have missed your period or are late, you could be pregnant...even the smallest amount of pre-cum contains hundreds of sperm that can impregnate you. Check it out and get tested for pregnancy...a single pregnancy test can cost $5, while a pack of 2 can be about $8.

Can precome of sperm get a woman pregnant right after her period?

Yes. Any time you have sex there is a risk of pregnancy, this risk is higher if you do not use birth control. Pre-ejacualte contains no sperm, although itcan flush sperm from the urethra (if you'd ejaculated earlier that day without urinating afterwards) along with it so end-up in the vagina - thus if a women is fertile at the time pregnancy is a possibility. A woman may be fertile directly after her period, there's no way to know unless she uses fertility awareness method.

Does pre-seminal fluid lead to pregnancy if it is put by hand?

pre seminal fluid, precome, etc is what is known as "Cowpers fluid" and it is produced without any sperm in it. It is possible for this stuff to become contaminated with sperm however and women have become pregnant as a result of this. In any case if sperm was to end up on your hands as a result of handling your penis, the chances of its survival would be minimal not to mention the low sperm count that would be involved in such an insemination would make the chance of leading to a pregnancy border on the miraculous.

Do woman like to swallow ejaculate?

Depends. Some do, some spit, some think it's gross. I would think it's a taste one has to get used to if a man is insistent enough to have her try it over and over.Part of the eroticy is going all the way, and if a woman gets turned on enough, she'll probably go for it.AnswerI've had more positive experiences that negative ones. I find that if you tend to take care of your woman's needs first, they are more likely to really focus on taking care of your needs, which includes drinking every bit you give them.I've also found that if you kiss a woman's breasts for a prolonged period before they kiss you, you will make more precome which they tend to like more. By the time you come, it will be more and sweeter.AnswerSome women are very interested in it, to see it, touch it, smell it and taste it. Some women swallow semen because the man loves her to.Men have the basic need to be "accepted" by you. His semen is him, at least it's from him. He feels hurt if you "reject" it. It's like you are spitting out him.It brings you closer to him. He feels more protective of you and respects your doing it for him. Also he knows he is with you because he is in you. It's good for him that you do it.And swallowing has some great health benefits for you.Women who want to get pregnant prepare their bodies by swallowing their man's sperm. This attunes her immune system to let his sperm though to her egg.Women who are pregnant should be swallowing three time per week (Semen Therapy) to prevent a dangerous condition called Pre-eclampsia. It is a rising blood pressure reaction that can harm the mother and even cause a miscarriage. It is the immune system rejecting the fetus for it's unknown DNA, unless she has been swallowing to prepare her body.see: Wikipedia: Pre-eclampsia, Treatment and prevention, FellatioBut, if a man has a disease that is contagious and is present in the semen then you could get sick and need to see a doctor. STD: Sexually Transmitted Disease,, STI Sexually Transmitted Infection.The risk of HIV/AIDS is very slight from swallowing semen, even if the man is very sick, unless you have open bleeding in your mouth or throat (like from having just brushed your teeth which always opens your gums.)Other STD/STIs are contracted from contact with the skin of the penis, so if you are letting a man put his penis in your mouth and you are sucking upon it, you are at no increased risk by going all the way and letting him have his orgasm in your mouth and swallowing all of his semen.If he has had severe or long time exposure to radiation, poison, pollution, injections, carcinogens or drugs, these things may be in his semen. The rule is, if it's in his blood, it is in his semen.Snorting semen from someone who is high probably will not get you high. Doing this can cause sinus pain (but will clear them right out) and probably does not contain enough of the drug to get you very high.Semen that is ejaculated into a glass and allowed to stand at room temperature for a few minutes is the most safe to drink. Unless you have mouth or throat cancer tumors, semen is so good for all cells it's good for promoting those cells also.Once in a while swallowing his semen as part of your love life with a healthy man can benefit you and your relationship. It is a bonding moment and most men get great comfort when you swallow. Also it allows you to keep sucking on his penis while he is at the hight of ecstasy and after.If you begin to swallow three times per week or more you are doing Semen Therapy and you get great health benefits. There are life saving compounds in semen that "increase longevity" and "reduce aging effects." Also prevent and fight cancer and other conditions. Give you feel good hormones, vitamins, minerals, protein and Zinc Alpha Glycoprotein (ZAG). Also some compounds made by the human body to help the body of the recipient, like prostaglandins and TGFbeta (transforming growth factor beta).If you begin swallowing semen everyday or more (for example with every meal) you will kick start a process in your body called "cachexia." This is the conversion of excess body fat into a liquid that is then absorbed into your body. This will cause significant weight loss. Research has so far shown that there is no loss of muscle mass. British scientists who discovered this at Aston University in Birmingham believe that this regime can also cure diabetes.The zinc will clear up acne, the calcium strengthens teeth and bones, testosterone increases energy and alertness and selenium fights cancer. University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Department of Research Medicine advises that the risk of breast cancer can be reduced no less than 50%