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huh? what are you asking for?

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Q: Bought land as husband and wife husband wants to sell without wifes permission?
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What should you do if your husband and you jointly bought a property but he mortgaged it without your knowledge and he is now overseas and the mortgage company wants you to make payments?

you should get a devorce with him!!! i would.

Can police check for wants and warrants without permission during a routine traffic stop?


Can the father decide he wants to keep the child without the mothers permission?

Single father? No see link below

A friend tells you he wants to do business in real estate you opened a joint creditcard for him he bought all kind of things not business related without asking your permission?

So? It makes no difference what he bought if you authorized him to use the card, your responsible. Who do you think should be? Of course you have a written agreement to prove he was to pay you back for anything he charged, right?

My 14 year old wants to live with dad the mother has custody can she go without my permission in Nevada?

If a 14 year old wants to live with the dad and the mother has custody, she can live in Nevada with the parents' permission. Both parents much agree on the situation.

My sons mother wants to move out of state without my permission i pay court ordered child support can she move?

Yes. No - In our state, she needs permission of the court, so it would depend on your state.

Your ex girlfriend wants to move out of Michigan with your son can she do this without your permission?

Without court orders, yes. Get an injunction filed right away. see links below

Can a 25 yr old girl decide if She wants to move with her birth mom without her guardians permission?

i talked to DCFS and they told me i'm of age and that i can move out of the group home without my foster parents/ guardians permission and that it's my decision to make theirs...

What if a neighbor wants to dig in your property?

They have to have permission from you.

Can a 16 year old who is pregnant and wants to move in with her boyfriend to help raise the baby legally move out without parental permission in the state of NH?

No, not unless she gets married (which requires parental permission) or is emancipated.

Getting married and husband wants to adopt your children from a prior marriage and you have full legal custody of all your children?

You still must have permission of the father. There are a few states where if you're been denying the father access to the child for six months or more, the permission is not needed.

A 16 year old has taken control of her own affairs but is not emancipated but wants to move out of the house can she without getting into trouble?

If she has parental permission, she can move out.