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no spider can kill you

What?! There are many Spiders that CAN kill you! By the way, no, it most likely won't.

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Q: Black spider yellow lines on the back will it kill you?
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What kind of spider is black and furry had has a yellow dot on its back?

a garden spider

I have a small black fury spider that has i think 3 yellow dots on its back and it has yellow fangs what type of spider is it?

Based on your description, it sounds like you might have a species of jumping spider, possibly a bold jumper (Phidippus audax). These spiders are common in North America and are known for their black coloration with distinctive markings like yellow dots and colorful chelicerae (fangs). Jumping spiders are active hunters and are not considered dangerous to humans.

What is a black spider with yellow dots on its back?

Please look up the Yellow Garden Spider , better know as the "ARGIOPE AURANTIA". Look at it and compare it to your spider and see if you have a match, good luck!!!

Found a spider that's black non fuzzy but has a yellow design on it's back and that's it Just on it's back Looked up argiope spider and that's not it found in Oklahoma?

It sounds like you may have found a Yellow Garden Spider or an Orchard Orbweaver. These spiders are commonly found in Oklahoma and have a distinctive yellow design on their backs. They are not harmful to humans and are beneficial for controlling insect populations in gardens.

What kind of spider is hairy and has a red dot on its back and a cross on its back?

Could be a Black and Yellow garden spider, common the US west coast.

What is a all black spider with a yellow zigzag on it's back?

check it out it is in Australia seriously it is

What spider is black and has two dimples on its back and two pale eye shapes on its belly?

It sounds like you're describing the bold jumper spider (Phidippus audax). It is black with white or pale markings on its abdomen, resembling dimples and eye shapes. These spiders are known for their distinctive coloration and bold jumping behavior.

What spider has a silver cross on its back and yellow and black legs?

a spider known as a cross spider usaually found in the uk

What kind of spider is black with purple and yellow markings on its back?

The black and yellow garden spider is a black- and yellow-bodied spider whose back is marked with white. The arachnid in question may be found throughout Canada and the United States of America. It numbers among the most recognizable of garden arachnids.

What kind of spider is orange with a yellow back and black and white stiped legs Glen Allen VA?

The spider in question might be a marbled orb-weaver (Araneus marmoreus), which is known for its bright orange and yellow markings with striped legs. These spiders are common in Virginia and belong to the orb-weaver family. They are harmless to humans and help control insect populations in the area.

What kind of spider is black with two orange dots on the abdomen with only one spot?

a little spider black legs and yellow back with black spots

What kind of spider has yellow spots on its back is black hairy and medium sized with a kinda fat body in Washington?

Argiope aurantia Lucas - yellow garden spider