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Q: Being vaccinated for a disease such as measles can protect a person from that disease for the rest of his or her life true or false?
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Being vaccinated for a disease such as measles can protect a person from that disease for the rest of his or her life. true or false?


Why vaccination also help protect people who are not vaccinated?

A vaccine also protects the unvaccinated, because the vaccinated person is one less person they can get the sickness or disease from. By the time about 90% of a population is immune to a particular disease, the disease dies out because it does not have enough bodies to infect, thereby protecting the 10% non-vaccinated.

Will a person who is not vaccinated against rubella contract measles?

Yes, it is very possible that he could contract measles without being protected with a vaccine.

What might he consequences be if a person is not vaccinated?

you might get the disease

Can a vaccinated person carry the measles virus?

yes they can the vaccination is when they put some of the germs in your body and your body fights them.

Where is measles found in your body?

its not in body you just get from person who has a disease

Why it is for most of the population to be vaccine?

If most of the population is vaccinated for a disease and some are not, there is a good chance that those not vaccinated will not come across a person with the disease. This is called "herd" immunity.

What vitamin helps control the measles?

None. Measles is a virus and no vitamin will control the disease. It may help the person with immunity, but not stop them from getting it or help when they do have the disease.

Why should we stay away from a person suffering from measles?

It is a contagious disease- you can catch it.

What is measles caused by?

A very contagious disease, called measles, is caused by the measles virus. You can get measles by the coughing or sneezing of an infected person. If a person is infected, 90% of their close contact will be infected with the virus as well. There is an effective immunization for measles, generally administered when children are very young.

Why does polio happen in northern Nigeria?

Because there is a population that has not been vaccinated against it. It is a viral disease, spread person to person. Vaccination prevents transmission of the disease.

Is the measles communicable disease?

Measles is very communicable. It is so contagious that if one person has it, virtually everyone around them will become infected. This is to assume they are not immune.

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