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Q: Before the era of modern medicine most deaths were caused by?
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What effect has modern medicine had on the worlds population?

Population explosion /increase. Modern medicine has decreased infant mortality, decreased deaths from most medical problems, and extended the average lifespan.

Advantages and disadvantages of modern medicine How it is different from alternate means of medicine?

Advantages of modern medicine: Faster action due to antibiotics and steriods, surgery Disadvantages of modern medicine: Lots of grave side effects including deaths Different from alternate medicines: It is anti-pathy while most of the alternative medicines is pro-pathy.

What did you do before medicine was invented?

Before medicine was invented, many relied on natural remedies to help cure ailments. Natural remedies are still practiced today in modern culture as well.

Does osteopathic medicine include modern and conventinal medicine?

Absolutely! Osteopathic medicine as it is practiced in the United States includes modern and conventional medicine.

Can you erase your kills and deaths in barracks on modern warfare 2?

No your kills and deaths are there forever!!!

How do you use the word modern medicine a sentence?

Modern medicine has proven that homoeopathy is nothing more than a psychological placebo.Thanks to modern medicine, a lot of diseases can be treated quickly.

What can one do for an iatrogenic illness?

The process that one can do to deal with a iatrogenic illness is to visit one's local doctor. They will usually know what to do. This illness is actually caused by modern medicine.

Origin of the witch?

Before modern medicine, which is only a couple of hundred years old, people used to cure themselves naturally. A witch meant wise. Women who birthed babies for thousands of years were recently called witches by male doctors practicing modern medicine. Cures that were used for centuries by families and villages, usually performed by women became demonized by Christianity and Modern Medicine. Their long traditions have come back as Midwives and Homeopathic medicine.

What are healing miracles?

Modern medicine.

What miracle healing?

Modern medicine.

What is conventional medicine and is it different from herbal or traditional or alternative medicine?

Leaving aside all argument as to which is better, "modern medicine" and "conventional medicine" are the same thing. Homeopathic medicine is one of the alternatives to conventional modern medicine, or is part of "alternative medicine".

What is indigenous medicine?

Indigenous medicine is native medicine or natural form of medicine. Medicine which is derived directly from nature.Indigenous medicine is the medicine which has been made using traditional methods. It comprises medical aspects of traditional knowledge that developed over generations within various societies before the era of modern medicine.The broad categories of Indigenous medicine are:-1) Ayurveda or Herbal remedies2) Homeopathy