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Q: Barbiturates antidote for amphetamine poisoning
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Is there an antidote to eggplant poisoning?

Eggplant is not toxic.

What element can be used as an antidote for arsenic poisoning?


What is a sentence using the word antidote?

Because snake venom is deadly, someone had to create an antidote for it. There is no antidote for heavy metal poisoning, but there is a treatment. Your cheerful call was the antidote to a dreary afternoon.

The antidote adminsterd in case chlorine poisons you?

There is no antidote administered in case of chlorine poisoning. In case of serious poisoning, one may be given charcoal at 4 to 6 hours intervals.

What is tested for in a 10 panel test?

amphetamine barbiturates benzodiazepines cannabinoids cocaine ethanol methadone opiates PCP Tricyclic Antidepressants

Why egg white is antidote for Pb poisoning?

Proteins form an insoluble complex with metallic salts.

MARK you or ATNAA antidote kits combined with help to counteract nerve agent poisoning?


Why is milk used an antidote for lead poisoning?

Milk is not an antidote for lead poisoning. Eating healthy foods that contain calcium such as Milk can help to prevent lead poisoning by reducing lead absorption.

What kinds of drug poisoning can hemoperfusion treat?

It is used to treat overdoses of barbiturates , meprobamate, glutethimide, theophylline, digitalis, carbamazepine, methotrexate, ethchlorvynol, and acetaminophen , as well as treating paraquat poisoning

What in mark 1 or atnna antidote kits combined conteract nerve agent poisoning?

atropine and 2-pam chloride

Why is egg white used as an antidote to mercury poisoning?

White of egg Bonds to Hg by binding to sulfur containing proteins.

Is there an antidote to solanine?

The antidote for solanine poisoning is cholesterol, found in fat of animal origin. Therefore it is nothing strange if an intoxicated person has craving for fat milk, cream, eggs, fat pork meat, etc.