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The average number of days in a month is around 30.4. With 24 hours in a day, this is an average of about 730 hours per month.

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Q: Average number of hours per month?
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What is the average number of business days per month?

The average number of working days per month is 22.

What are the Average minutes per employee per month?

40 hours per week = 10,400 minutes per month

Average number of days per month?

There is an average of 30-31 days per month. Occasionally, there are 29 days in a month. This usually occurs in the month of February.

How many hours per day is in 120 hours a month?

Depends how many days in the month. 120 / number of days = hours per day eg 30 days in the month: 120 / 30 = 4 hours per day

What is the average number of Fridays per month?

About 4 or 5. it deppends on the month that you are in.

How many kilowatt hours does an average bakery use per month?


Average number of vehicles checked per month?


What is the average number of fortnights in a month?

The fortnight is a unit of time equivalent to fourteen days.On average there are 2 per month.

What is the average car sales per month?

That would be the number "7"...

What is the average number of rain days per month in Houston?

About 6

How much time does the average American spend per month in church?

The average American who attends church, spends about 4.5 hours there per month. This is usually during Sunday or Wednesday mass.

What is formula to calculate monthly salary from hourly salary?

There is no direct formula, it depends how many hours you work per day, and the number of working days in the month. Hourly salary * working hours in a day * number of working days in a month = Monthly salary To get an average, take the number of days in a year and times by five sevenths (assuming a five day week) to get the number of work days in a year Work days in a year = 365 * (5/7) = 261 Divide this by 12 to get average work days in a month: Average work days in a month = 261 / 12 = 21.7 Multiply this by the number of hours worked per day to get the conversion from hourly rate to monthly rate. Assuming a 8 hour day: Average working hours per month = 21.7 * 8 = 173.8 So for example, if you earned $10 an hour, your monthly salary would be on average $1738, although the actual amount that month would depend on how the weekends fell.