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for a scooty we should be allowed at age of 13 or 14

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Q: At what age should a person be allowed to drive?
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Do state governments have the right to enact the age at which a person is allowed to drive?


Is there an age to drive a hovercraft?

There is not a specific age that person needs to be in order to drive a hovercraft. However it is similar to a boat and similar to a vehicle, so a person should be at least 16 years of age.

What age you are legally allowed to drive in the US?

you have to be 16

What age are you allowed to drive a car?

15 or 18

At what age should a person be allowed to drive or not t drive a car?

in our moden time if we know how to keep a metarie we can do anything for him. I myseft think that we should allow to age for to car driver. about 24 age , we can choose to drrive car.Added: Since it is not a question that is open to opinion answers the ONLY ANSWER is that - you must comply with the prevailing law where you live.If you don't like it, when you become of votng age, contact your elected representative and lobby to have it changed.

What age are you allowed to drive in UK?

You can start driving in the UK at the age of 17.

If your a kid and you know how to drive can you drive in Mexico?

You have to ask for a special driving permit. You are allowed to drive from age 16 on.

Essay on should elderly people be allowed to drive?

Elderly people should be allowed to drive as long as they are deemed fit to do so. Regular assessments of their physical and cognitive abilities can help determine their driving capability. While age alone should not be a deciding factor, ensuring the safety of both the elderly driver and others on the road is paramount.

What is the minimum age you are legally allowed to drive a car in England?


What is the youngest person too drive?

the youngest age people should drive is at the age of16 when you have a learners permit

Do the constitution requires that a person should be at least thirty-five years of age?

No, people under the age of 35 are allowed to live in the United States, too.

Why isn't there a law against an age limit for old people to drive?

Because extreme age does not correlate with ability. They are routinely tested and if they can still drive, they are allowed.