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each other should have respect themselves first

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Q: Assess the importance of love for a husband and wife?
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What is the importance of love between a husband and wife in regards to Christianity?

Love is important between the husband and the wife because along with love comes respect for each other so you should know when you no longer love someone because the respect that you had for them is lost along with the love.

Should a husband love his daughter more than his wife?

A husband should love his daughter just as much as his wife. After all his daughter was made from his wife. That goes with sons too.

What should a wife do to get love of her husband?

Make him his favoritedinner...... flirt

Why your wife treat you different?

It could due mainly to one or more of the following reasons:The wife has bad moralsThe husband has bad moralsThe wife is in love with someone elseThe husband is in love with someone elseThe husband is financially incapable of maintaining marriage responsibilities.

Would you find your love as your husband?

Yes sure, Love is the foundation of marriage. So your husband should be engulf in love with you.

Why husband and wife call each other baby?

its a sign of love

Can a husband be in love with a wife?

Yes, they can be if both of them trust each other.

What is wife pretend for other guy dose she still love husband?


Why would a husband bring a single rose to his wife?

It means i love you

Why other person husband fall in love with other person wife?

they love fat food

Can teenagers be in love?

YEAH! Teenagers can be in love. That's an easy question. But, they can't be as in love as a husband and wife. But they still can be in love!

Do cheating husbands love their wife?

it can be possible ANSWER: For some yes they do but not the way he use to love her. If this married man really love his wife, and I mean truly love his wife, do you think he will think of hurting her even betrayed her? I think not. For some married man who do cheat, their love for their wife is not the same anymore. For some married woman who ends up cheating, they also still love their husband but it was the husband who push the wife to go to another man.