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Very Ineffective

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Q: Asking your supervisor to schedule you to work with somebody else is effective or ineffective?
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What makes ineffective communication?

Communication involves somebody speaking and somebody listening or somebody writing and somebody reading. So a breakdown of either part will make communication ineffective. For example if somebody writes you a note but their writing is so bad you cannot read the note then communication has broken down. Or if you are speaking to somebody but they are not listening then again communication has broken down or is ineffective.

How do you report somebody on

you can not but you can tell someone about them if you are a member to a supervisor.

Can your supervisor write you up and then have someone else sign it for you because you refuse to sign it?

No, unless you authorize somebody to do it on your behave.

How manage if somebody post spam or delete good replies?

A Supervisor would usually start by giving a warning to the contributor. If the spam and blanking continue, the user will be blocked.

is it legal to take somebody off a scheduled day at work and not notify them of the change?

a 24 hour notice must be given to the employee regarding the change in the schedule.

Why is the frog simile an effective image of the Somebody in Dickinson poem?

The frog simile is effective in Dickinson's poem because it captures the dissonance between the external appearance and the inner reality of the "Somebody." Just as a frog croaks to hide its fear or vulnerability, the Somebody maintains a facade of confidence or authority despite feeling insecure or uncertain inside. The simile highlights the complexity of human nature and the masks we wear in social situations.

Is it unnecessary for a supervisor to treat an employee way older than 21 like a child?

One would think so- but nothing can really be done about it when they completely have power over somebody who works for them.

During the flagging mission in The Initiates Program can I warn contributors for their bad answers?

No. TIP members do not have supervisor powers or tools. In order to warn somebody, you need a tool that only Supervisors have access to. "Warning" a contributor while you are not a supervisor is a violation of the Answers ToU notice on impersonation and may result in your membership to TIP being terminated. If you come across a vandal who you feel should be dealt with officially, let your TIP Supervisor know.

What does it mean to you to be responsible for your job performance?

It usually means that a supervisor is not breathing down your neck and that you need to set your own goals and be responsible for meeting them. If you need somebody to tell you what to do and when to do it, a job with this description is not a good fit for you.

How do you a nurse tell a hospital visitor he is too loud?

Walk up to him and quietly pull him aside and explain to him his being too loud, if that doesn't work get somebody like a supervisor or boss to ask him to be quiet.

When somebody cyberbullies in answers what do you do?

They will be Warned then Blocked if it continues, depending on the severity they may be instantly Blocked. If you can pinpoint where cyberbullying is happening please report it to a Supervisor or click on the red Report Abuse link above the question.

How much can you sell suboxone for illegally?

It's listed on Schedule III, so for up to ten years (15 if somebody dies or is seriously injured) and a $500,000 fine for the first offense.