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The belly button does not pop out if you plainly gain weight. This only applies to pregnant women. The growing fetus, uterus, and amniotic fluid buildup cause the abdomen to expand, stretches the skin that pops the navel out.Ê

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Q: As you gain weight does your belly button pop out more?
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Will something happen to your belly button if you get a belly button ring?

It will get stared at more often.

Does getting your belly button pierced hurt more or less than getting your ears pierced?

Your belly button piercing hurts more then a normal ear piercing your belly button piercing is more sensitive then a ear. :]

Do you need a bellybutton?

No, your belly button is what used to be your umbilical cord. After you are born it is formed into a belly button and has no more use.

What is another name for a belly button?

Umbilical Knot 'Navel' is more common The "Navel" is the area around the "belly button"

Can smoking while pregnant make your belly small?

Not really. The babies tend to weigh less and the mother's tend to gain MORE weight.

Is it more likely that a non t-shaped belly button or navel will eject a piercing when compared to a t-shaped belly button or navel?

No, it is not more likely that a non T-shaped belly button will eject a piercing when compared to a T-shaped navel.

Which hurts more ear piercings or belly button?

It really depends on where your getting the ear piercing. Tragus, industrial or uncommon ear piercings hurt more then the belly button. If were talking normal lobe piercings, belly hurts more :)

What piercing hurts more a lip or belly button?

A lip piercing hurts more than a belly button piercing, but neither hurt much at all. Getting your lip feels like you accidentally bit it haha and you can barely feel a belly button piercing.

Do girls get belly button lint?

Everyone does or has at one time or another assuming they have a hairy stomach. Belly button lint (lintus-belly) occurs in hairy men and women. If a woman is prone to waxing her stomach, she will get lint because her belly button became a safe haven for the lint. A woman who never has to wax her belly is less likely to have her belly button become host to lint. If a girl has a deep belly button, she will find more lint in it if she digs in it. If a girl has a shallow belly button, she will find less lint in it, but will easily be able to see it since her belly button isn't deep.

Does a lip piercing hurt more than belly button piercing?

I will say yes because i have both now you have alot of nerves in both belly button and lip but the lip is much more fragile than the belly button any thing that pokes into it could hurt Alot worse than a belly button percisng^ It Actually Doesn't Hurt More Than Your Belly Button, I Have Both Done, And I'm Terrified Of Needles. Your Lip Just Feels A Bit Weirder, But Doesn't Hurt. :)

What hurts more a tattoo or getting you belly button piersed?

That depends on how big the tattoo is. Or actually not, because the belly button contains of most fat and skin so that it probably doesn't hurt that much at all. So "What hurts more a tattoo or getting you belly button piersed?" The tattoo does.

If you pierce your belly button does it make it more painful to give birth?