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Q: As you are driving to school you see many things but you don't remember them for very long. This is because memory lasts only a few seconds.?
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What animal has a memory span of five seconds?

Goldfish can only remember the past five seconds of their life.

Can a goldfish remember?

Only things like who feeds them and what they should and shouldn't eat. Their memory lasts about 5 seconds.

What is it called if you remember random stuff from when you were say 4 but cant remember what someone said 2 seconds earlier?

Short term memory loss, or spacing out

When you remember something because it has meaning for you you are using what?

When you remember something because it has meaning for you, you are using semantic memory. This type of memory involves the recollection of facts, concepts, and knowledge that have personal significance or relevance to an individual.

Does a fishes brain tell it to stop eating?

no a fish has the memory spam of 3 seconds if it tells itself to stop eating it won't remember to do it

How long is a dogs memory?

There is some controversy with regards to the length of a dog's memory. It is generally accepted that you have two seconds to praise or correct a dog because this is how long they remember performing an action or behavior.

When you see a movie and remember the story because it had meaning to you what memory are you using?

When you see a movie and remember the story because it had meaning to you, you are using episodic memory. Episodic memories are those which are stored when an event is of extreme emotional significance to you.

Why is that when you try to remember something important it doesn't come to your memory sometimes?

It does that because you have memory loss. Your mind just goes blAnk!

Why can't I remember the words that I want to use in conversation?

because of memory loss due

Memory B cells remember pathogens?

Yes, memory B cells are a type of immune cell that remembers past infections and can produce a quicker and stronger immune response upon reexposure to the same pathogen. This allows for faster clearance of the pathogen and provides long-lasting immunity.

How does memory loss affect you maths?

It affects it because if you got memory loss u would not be able to remember what you've learned in your maths

How long do cows remember something?

The will remember things for a lifetime, like a certain area that they eat in or a certain location that they last felt pain. Short-term memory, though only lasts for a few seconds.