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more assertive and men become more empathic

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Q: As people pogress through adulthood women become what?
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Which senses become less sharp in late adulthood?

It varies... most people in their mid adulthood eyesight gets worse and start wearing glasses.

In what ways do young people become more realistic as they grow into adulthood?

Young people become more realistic as they grow into adulthood. They realize that they will likely not be millionaires, they realize that they have to work to provide for themselves, and they realize that life is not necessarily as they imagined when they were children.

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There are nine stages of a human's life. Infancy, early childhood, childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, first adulthood, second adulthood, and final adulthood are the stages that most people go through in the course of their life.

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the majority of teens who are violent during adolescence leave it behind as they enter into adulthood Because they are black.

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People are not born schizophrenic, although they are almost certainly born with the genetic makeup to become that way. Schizophrenia usually develops in young adulthood.

Should gym be a requirement to graduate high school?

Yes. If people learn to be active early in life it is more likely to continue through adulthood.

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Between 3% and 5% of children worldwide are diagnosed with ADHD; 30% to 50% of those continue symptoms through adulthood.

What is the name of the stage when people stop growing?


Which fact is true regarding the myth of predicting which people might become violent offenders?

the majority of teens who are violent during adolescence leave it behind as they enter into adulthood

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The school that is regarded as a gateway to adulthood is college. It is in college where people are exposed to adult thinking and handling of issues.

What is the name of the stage called when people stop growing?


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