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fibrous column

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Q: Area of cortex like tissue running between the medullary pyramids?
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The area of the renal cortex that lies between renal pyramids are called?

renal columns

What are the cortical tissues located between the pyramids?

fibrous column The answer you are looking for is: renal column

Where are the renal pyramids located?

The renal pyramids are located in the cortex of the kidney.

What is mean preserved cortico-medullary differentiation?

Corticomedullary differentiation on medical diagnostic imaging is the visualisation of the difference of intensity (MRI) , echogenity (Ultrasound) or attenuation (CT) between the cortical and medullary tissue in an organ. For Example; The kidney has a cortex (the peripheral tissue) and a medulla (central to the cortex). On an ultrasound scan, the cortex should look whiter (more echogenic) than the medulla and thus, you should be able see and differentiate between these two different tissues judging by their color.. Loss of corticomedullary differentiation is what its called when both cortex and medulla are seen as the same shade of grey and one can not see any change of color (any change in shade of grey tones as most diagnostic images are black and white) on the border of cortex and medulla.

How is the cortex different from the medulla in the kidney?

The cortex of the kidney is the outer layer containing medullary rays (striations formed by tubules) and medullary lobules (cortical tissue). This region also contains the main filtration mechanisms: renal (Malphighian) corpuscles that contain glomeruli (capillary tufts). The red/brown color is due to the blood within the many capillaries of this area.

What is the main factor that creates the high osmotic gradient between the cortex and medulla?

A high osmotic gradient between the cortex and the medulla is caused by the running, walking, or jumping of a human person. These simple actions cause the osmotic gradient to rise significantly.

What is the function of renal column?

Renal columns are bands of granular tissue that separate adjacent renal pyramids. They contain vessels and urinary tubes that run to the cortex.

What is the corticomedullary junction?

Kidney contain two major anatomical areas which are distinct in appearane and function,cortex(outer) and medulla(inner).Their junctional area is cortico-medullary junction.

Does the motor text control running?

The part of the brain known as the motor cortex controls all voluntary movements, including running.

What is the difference between babalot aeropro drive cortex and aeropro drive withought cortex?

Babolat Aeropro Drive Cortex is the one the pros like Nadal use, whereas the one without cortex is not, and therefore cheaper.

What is cortical nephrons?

the cortical nephron is another type of nephron which has shorter loop of henle extended in medulla region. it has no proper function but it works like as ultra filtration etc as juxta medullary nephron perform but juxta medullary has proper function.

What gives the renal pyramids their striped appearance?

Renal pyramids (or malpighian pyramids) are cone-shaped tissues of the kidney. The renal medulla is made up of 7 to 18 of these conical subdivisions (usually 7 in humans). The broad base of each pyramid faces the renal cortex, and its apex, or papilla, points internally. The pyramids appear striped because they are formed by straight parallel segments of nephrons.