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yes and no it depends on your natural body type for further information contact your gp because anorexia and underweighitis are very hard to get rid of by yourself. hope this helps

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no, you're fat if you cannot see your ribs!

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Q: Are you underweight if you can see your ribs?
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What are the bottom two pairs of ribs called?

ANSWER:Yes they are. See the related link for more information on this.

How many ribs do you see on a boxer?

you should see 6

Do many people with anorexia see themselves as underweight when they look in the mirror?


What will you see in the skeletal system?

ribs and scole out of bones!

Can you see a person's lungs through a back scan?

yes because if you saw them from your ribs the the ribs would block out most of the lungs

Permanent pain after broken ribs?

Everyone heels differently. If you are experiencing pain after heeling from broken ribs you should see your doctor.

Is 6 pounds a healthy weight for a full grown cat?

It depends on the bone structure of the cat. A domestic cat can weigh about 6 to 10 pounds, on average, depending on the size of its bones. If you can see your cat's ribs easily and without having to touch the cat's side, it is probably underweight. If it is underweight, it may also be underactive, due to lack of energy. If he or she is not eating regularly, you might need to take the cat to a veterinarian. There could be something as simple as a hairball causing the problem, or something more serious. See the Related Link below for a visual guide to your cat's weight.

You have taken a diet and you went super underweight but I'm not skinnier what do you do?

If you are very much underweight, you probably are thin and skinny, but just can't see it. Before the condition worsens or spirals into a deadly eating disorder, you should really see a medical professionla or doctor about it.

What is underweight in a sentence?

My mom is underweight cause she extrasises

How does being underweight affect you?

Being underweight is (most of the time) due to hormonal or adrenal issues. However some people are just naturally skinny or underweight, and they can't seem to do anything about it. It's best to get medical advice from a professional for someone who doesn't have a healthy weight in general, to see what their options are.

How fat is a horse?

A horse is as fat as you make him by how much you feed him. The general rule is you should see 3 ribs. Some people like a little more weight than the 3-rib rule allows. I personally don't want to see any ribs and never hip bones. Racing Thoroughbreds alway see 3 ribs. They are in tip-top shape. Stock type halter horses are so heavy you would never know they have bones. Some of this is personal preference. But you don't want to see more than 3 ribs, hip bones, sunken neck and flanks, the whole ridge of the back bone or sharp bony withers. Most people can tell at a glance if the horse is underweight. Then there is the other end of the spectrum. Too fat horses can have their lives shortened by obesity. A good work-out 3 or 4 times a week will keep your horse in good shape. He will live longer and be happier and so will you.

How do you know if you are underweight?

Check to see if your body mass index indicates you are underweight.You can look at a weight chart to check what is "normal" but what really matters is your health and energy levels. Some people are "underweight" but healthy. Some are not.