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Ask the military housing department.

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Q: Are you elidgable for basic housing allowance in the military if you arent married but live with your girlfriend and baby?
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What does BAH stand for in the military?

Basic Allowance for Housing

What is military BAH?

The military acronym BAH translates to Basic Allowance for Housing. The allowance is based upon duty location and pay grade.

Where can one find a BAH calculator?

A calculator for BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing) can be found on several military websites such as Corvias Military Living, Military Benefits or Military dot com.

Is the amount on the military payscale a monthly or- bi-monthly amount?

It is a monthly amount, but it doesn't include your housing allowance which is listed in a separate table. If you are enlisted, you will also get a clothing allowance.

Does the marine corp provide a house for you?

The US Military provides housing for its personnel. Officers have to pay for it, but it is a much reduced rate. If the military cannot provide a physical location, they will provide a tax free housing allowance.

What does FSH mean on a military Leave Earning Statement?

Family Separation Housing (FSH) which used to be known as Family Separation Allowance (FSA)

How much does military married to military make?

Dual military depends on their pay grade. It is Base pay x2, Basic Allowance for Housing x1.5, and other various allowances like separate rations, etc.

Do US senators get housing allowance?


Does the House of Representatives get an housing allowance in DC?

The House of Representatives and the Senate receive a $3,000 annual housing allowance tax deduction.

How much is military expenses?

You need to be more specific in your questions. There is flight pay, combat pay, then there is the military pay scale, dislocation allowance, housing allowance, subistance pay, professional pay. All this information is public knowledge and can easily found by doing a web search.

If your husband is military what are your rights being married to a military spouse?

The spouse's rights are basically the same as the soldiers, you are entitled to a portion of the Housing Allowance and Food Allowance, you must be provided health and dental insurance, a place to live and food on the table, you have the same legal options and benefit's, access to most place on a military base.

Can you deduct BAH on taxes?

If by BAH you mean Basic Allowance for Housing. The answer is no. This is nontaxable income the military gives you to pay for housing. This money should never even get factored into your adjusted gross income though.