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Q: Are white women easy to get into bed?
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Are Portuguese Women they easy to go to bed with?

Just like everywhere, some yes, some no.

What lies in bed and stands in bed first white then red the plumper it gets the better the old women like it?

It's a strawberry- and YOU have a dirty mind!

Why do you grip to the bed when your giving birth?

it's easy why u grip to the bed! Your giving birth out of your vagina! it hurts. Imagine a little baby coming out of there. Women do it every day.

Are black girls the best in bed over white girls?

No way. I think so cuz they got rhythm when they get on the dance floor and to me that says black women are better in bed in my book

What does it mean when a guy calls you easy?

That your easy to Get into bed

How do you get women in bed?

Women get in bed all the time. Every night actually. Sometimes in the day too.

What do women like in bed?


What is the synonym of bed stead?


Where can bed socks for women be purchased?

There are many places where bed socks for women may be purchased. Frequently a women's clothing supplier may stock bed socks for women, as may some department stores. One might be able to purchase these direct from the manufacturer.

Is it dangerous for women to wear underwear to bed?

No. Men and women wear underwear to bed all the time and nothing bad happens to them.

What do you 2 grown women that are sisters sleeping in the same bed?

What do you call two grown women that are sistees sleeping in the same bed

Are white women easier to get into bed?

A colour of a woman's skin doesn't depict whether she will get into bed with just anybody. It's all about the personality behind the skin, if she wants to wait for the right man/woman, then she has every right to do so.