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yes, because hands get in touch with water taps in toilets and doorknobs in general.

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Q: Are there more germs on hands than on feet?
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Is germs located more in hair or hands?

More germs are in the hair than hands!

Are there more germs in your mouths than your hands?

A person has more germs in their mouth than on their hands. Saliva has enzymes that prevent germs from forming, while your hands touch things such as doorknobs all day which are infested with germs.

How many germ are there in hands?

there are more than 5000 germs on your hand

What has more hands than feet?

A clock: 2 or 3 hands, 0 feet.

When washing your hands you should use and hot water to kill germs?

Yes the hot water kills more germs than cold water.

How many germs are found on a public toilet seat?

There are always germs in our bodies and on our hands, but that increases if you do something like go to the toilet and do not wash your hands. There are more than millions of germs in our hands when we do not wash. It is also so you don't get ill if you eat food soon after your 'trip'.

What large mammal has more hands than feet?

the answer is horse, because horses are measured in hands not feet ~Furfur

Is the dogs mouth cleaner then the humans mouth?

no its not cleaner because the Dogs have a lot more germs than we do because Example: humans throw a ball and we throw it with our hands and our hands have the most germs so when you throw the ball the dog picks up the germs. hope i helpedd :D

Which do you use more your hands or your feet?

I use my hands more frequently than my feet. Hands are essential for many tasks such as writing, typing, eating, and grasping objects. Feet are generally used for activities like walking, running, and balance support.

Is there more germs on your hand than on your feet?

Yes, because of everything you pick up, touch, and feel throughout the day you are picking up all of the germs on whatever you touch.

Does your keyboard have more germs than your toilet?

your computer key board has more germs than your toilet.

Is there more Germs on a fingernail than a toilet seat?

There are more germs under a fingernail than on a toilet seat!