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Q: Are there any natural phlegm loosener's?
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What drug can be taken when you cough out phlegm constantly?

any decongestant

How do you pronounce phlegm?


What are some Natural remedies for getting rid of phlegm?

They say a spoon of honey & ginger should do the trick.

Do you get yellow phlem with pneumonia?

Yes. Bacterial pneumonia will give you yellow phlegm A: I assume you mean when you cough. Actually, any pulmonary bacterial infection with a productive cough can yield yellow or brownish phlegm.

Where does the phlegm go if you swallowed it?

Phlegm will go into your stomach and the acid in your stomach will dispose of it naturally, just the way it does when you swollow food. It is not harmful to swallow phlegm.

What does green flem mean?

I believe what is being referred to here as "flem" is really phlegm, or the thick mucus that comes from the mouth. Green phlegm can mean a sign of an infection such as a cold or flu, bronchitis, or some kind of allergic reaction. Usually any kind of colored phlegm can be a sign of an infection so it is advisable to visit a health center or doctor if one has persistent colored phlegm for prolonged periods of time.

What does phlegm do?

Phlegm helps to trap foreign materials such as dirt, microbes and pollutants from going further into the body. Phlegm comes in different colors from shades of green to white.

What is the sentence of phlegm?

Phlegm is a sticky substance produced by the respiratory system to help trap and clear away germs and irritants.

Can phlegm be food?


What colour is a normal phlegm?

clear phlegm is normal. Red,Green,yellow is not normal---get help.

How do you use phlegm in a sentence?

Cough medicines may help either to control coughing or loosen the phlegm.

How do you spell flim?