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Acid rain in large amounts can produce health issues, however a average acid rain fall does not contain enough acid to really cause any damage or health issues. In order to have enough acid in the rain to cause noticeable health issues, there must be at the least a foot of rain on the ground. Now even if that much rain is common where you live, acid rain is very rare. Even when it is acid rain there is no real way to tell the difference between the two, unless you have all the proper scientific equipment to test it right then and there.

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Q: Are there any health problems associated with acid rain?
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Are there any health problems assoiciated with acid rain?

Yes, acid rain could easily burn through your house go through your walls and kill you:)

what are disadvantage of acid rain?

disadvantages of acid rain: 1. can cause health problems 2. can kill nature 3. can kill animals and their habitats 4. its bad for their environment

Can acid rain harm an animals health?

Can acid rain harm you

Does Germany have acid rain?

Yes Germany does have problems with acid rain.

Why is acid rain bad?

Acid rain is bad because it causes serious health problems like birth defects and lung diseases. it can also cause cancer. acid rain also destroys monuments and kills fish. many forests are destroyed by acid rain. acid rain pollutes rivers and streams and erodes stonework.

How does acid rain affect the human health?

Acid rain can damage skin of a person.

Why is acid rain bad for human health?

Acid rain affects us in many different ways. One major way is our health. Breathing and lung problems in children and adults who have asthma and in children have been linked to acid air pollution. Everything that we eat, drink, and breathe has at one time come in contact with acid deposits. This could threaten our health by making us become sick. The following health problems occur each year in the U.S. and Canada due to acid rain: 550 premature deaths 1,520 emergency room visits 210,070 asthma symptom days As you see, if acid rain became a little less of a problem, then there would be many health problems that could be avoided.

What acid rain effect humans health?


What environmental problems does the Canadian shield have?

Acid Rain

What is poisoning by acid rain?

Acid rain causes pH problems and can dissolve heavy metals. These may cause poisoning..

Why is acid rain a social and political problem?

Both. Acid rain destroys the environment which creates social and political problems.

What are the bad effects of rain?

Acid rain having bad effects.The problems acid rain is rapidly spreading because it is mainly caused by industrial processes,auto mobiles,and power plants.Those countries that are developed have the most severe acid rain problems how ever as the undeveloped nations begin to industrialize,acid rain increase greatly.Many ecosystems are effected by acid rain bodies of water such as lakes and rivers.