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Yes. Alcohol has also been shown to reduce the chances of heart disease, stroke and hypertension, as well as a decrease in bad cholesterol, the ability to stave off Alzheimer's disease and prevent the common cold. However, the key here is moderation.

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Q: Are there any health benefits to drinking scotch?
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There are some benefits to drinking Ovaltine, but Ovaltine is much more effective than alternatives. There are benefits to drinking Ovaltine like increased bone health.

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It makes me sleep well.

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Any wine consumed in moderation is beneficial to the health of anyone for whom drinking is contraindicated for any reason. The same is true of beer and liquor. There is no scientific evidence that any one form of alcohol (beer, wine or spirits) confers greater health benefits than any other.

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Are you kidding.. scotch Whisky is the only way to single malt .. without single malt you are lost. American whiskey is OK with ice a warm day .. Irich is good in the cooffe . Blended is just for the soda or a sheap way to be drunk... A single malt scotch Whisky is for the one who care..

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