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Dont make fun, but I do this all the time, I pee staring over toilet( you just take pants completely off and put right foot on right side of toilet seat and same with left on left side then pee) I pee through funnel, I hand stand pee in shower you just do handstand in shower then pee, I boy pee ! I pee crisscross cross applesauce I pee on chest I pee on hair. For good pissing sites, go to sure ya!

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we pull our pants down, we sit on the toilet and just go


we pull our pants down, stand over or in front of the toilet, hold open the labia (lips), and go

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well, i have a few questions to start with?

1. are you a woman or a man? because if your a woman #concerned....

2. if your a man, why do you care? like honestly... #getalife

3. are you currently getting laid? cuz im thinking not....

alright so anyways, we have this thing called a vagina and its got 2 holes. ones for peeing ones for sex. obviously if your not getting laid, you havent seen them. well when we have to pee, our bladder loses control and the golden ( unless your well hydrated and then its a light yellow) faucet runs free until your bladder shuts it off

if your gay... good question! i get your confusion! but still... why do you care?



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Q: Are there any creative Ways of peeing for a woman?
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