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Only snipes

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Q: Are there Magic Mushrooms that grow in Upper Michigan?
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How much spores are needed to grow magic mushrooms?

First of all, you should not need to know how many spores are needed to grow "magic mushrooms" but it would be the same as for regular mushrooms. As mushrooms are a fungus, they can grow from only one spore..

Can you use miracle grow on magic mushrooms?


Do magic mushrooms grow wild in NEok?


Do magic mushrooms grow in South Africa?


Can you grow magic mushrooms from toothpaste on an orange peel?


How do you grow magic mushrooms with rabbit droppings?

I'll give that an impossible sticker. Who ever told you that you can grow magic mushrooms with little rabbit presents? That's very silly.

Do magic mushrooms grow in the great lakes reigion?


Is it eleagle to grow magic mushrooms in England?

corse it is there illegel!

Do magic mushrooms grow from Black Angus cowdung?

No, there are many species of magic mushrooms, many of which do not grow on dung at all. For example, several species of the genus Psilocybe grow on decaying wood, not cow dung.

Can you get a disease from magic mushrooms?

If improperly stored, fungus can grow in magics mushrooms (mushrooms themselves are a speciece(sp?) of fungus). However, magic mushrooms themselves do not cause any diseases, any other than getting a food infection from fungi that can grow on improperly stored magic mushrooms (which can also happen to normal mushrooms or any other type of fresh food).

What species of magic mushrooms grow in england.?

what species of magic mushroom grow in England and what do each look like? what species of magic mushroom grow in England and what do each look like?

Can magic mushrooms grow in northern Nevada cow fields?

they can pretty much grow anywhere