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yes, its totally true that sprouts are more nutrive than fried foods because they are the most concentrated Natural Resources which contains many minerals & it is really good for health

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Q: Are sprouts more nutritive than fried foods?
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What is nutritive dextrose?

Dextrose is a sugar (or carbohydrate) more commonly known as glucose. It is a common sugar found in most foods.

What are some foods eaten in the southeast?

jambalaya rice fried chiken and much more

What is the meaning for cooking the fried rice in the Japanese cultral?

Cooking fried rice isn't a Japanese culture. It is originally from China. Fried rice is a Chinese Cuisine (the staple of their culture)Japanese foods are more like, sushi, rice balls, ramen, ect.

Are bean sprouts more nutritious than the beans themselves?

Bean sprouts are more nutritious than the beans themselves. Bean sprouts contain vitamin C which is not found in beans.

What are some foods to cut down on to loose body fat?

you should cut down on fried foods and start to eat grilled or baked more often. you should also try to walk, jog, or run more often.

What type of knife is best for peeling vegetables?

Foods that contain acid are more likely to give someone heartburn. Stay away from tomatio sauces, citrus, and fried foods for some relief.

Which is used more country fried or chicken fried?


Where can I find more information on super foods health style diet?

Super foods are foods that have a higher amount of nitrients than other similar foods. Some super foods include blueberries, tea, yogurt, whole grains, and sprouts. You can incorporate these foods into your diet by replacing less healthy foods with them and staying away from eating too much unhealthy food like sugars and fats.

What are some amazing finger foods?

nacho's, disco fries, fried vegetables like broccoli, buffalo wings, fried chicken, pork chops, onion rings, and allot more. if you want easy recipe's, message me

What types of foods should you avoid with vertigo?

it is best to avoid fried foods, cheese, caffeine, chocolates, alcohol and MSG. Try eating more fruits like kiwi. Eat healthy and stay healthy!

Recommended calories to combat childhood obesity?

I think the foods you should avoid to combat childhood obesity is fried foods, greasy foods, and a lot of junk food including soda. Don't cut them off to fast or they will just eat more of it when they get the chance to.

Does concentration lessen the nutritive value of fruit juice?

no because more nutrients are in the juice