Are self harm cuts dangerous

Updated: 9/7/2023
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No not at all! and don't let anyone tell you that it is wrong because its not.. people self harm because they are troubled and harming themselves brings them relief and a sense of reality. Generally a self harmer feel very guilty a few hours after harming themselves for no known reason but that does not mean it is wrong.

i hope i helped :) x

^I think I'm somewhat understanding what you're trying to say, then again, you could be in a whole other ball park.

Self-Harm is wrong, as in, it's bad for you and you shouldn't do it. However, it's not something to be made fun of and people who self-harm should not be called names. It's a very serious problem. I dealt with it before, and it's not something you want to pick up.

So yes, Self-Harm IS wrong.

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It's definitely wrong to self harm. You obviously have a reason to do so which is making you want to self harm but you shouldn't do that.

I've been self harming for 4 months now and I do it about once a week. I wish I'd never started though, if I could go back and change my mind, I would. Although it feels good straight afterwards, the high never lasts long enough and if you cut yourself every time you felt low again, you'd probably die from blood loss.

What I'm saying is, self harming is wrong and you should see a counsellor or talk to your friends/family.

If you don't want to talk to anyone, you could find another release other than self harming, such as exercise or a hobby. I find that a nearly ice cold bath does the trick and gets you back to reality and realisation that you shouldn't self harm.

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I can tell you from expierence they can be. Self harm isn't good in the first place but you need to make sure you take proper care of the cuts. When I was in high school mine got infected and led to a long hospital stay.

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No. Never harm yourself, and especially don't consider suicide.

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Q: Are self harm cuts dangerous
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Is self harm cuts supposed to burn?

Don't harm yourself.

How do i cover self harm cuts i usually wear sweaters or long sleeves but what if its to hot or i ou have t's i need a way to cover them up FAST?

You need a protective clothing that is light to cover the self harm cuts when it is hot.

How do you make self harm cuts wider?

Simply cut from a further end of your wrist.

Where Should You NOT self harm?

Anywhere between the top of your head and the bottom of your feet. Anywhere one might self-harm is potentially dangerous.

What kind of schizophrenia do you have if you self-harm?

There is no specific type of schizophrenia that is associated with self-harm. Self-harm in schizophrenia is generally associated with delusions. For example, a patient with schizophrenia may believe that if he or she cuts off a finger then the world will be saved. Because self-harm in schizophrenia is associated with delusions, patients with paranoid schizophrenia or undifferentiated schizophrenia may be more likely to self-harm than patients with other types of schizophrenia.

Who knows someone that cuts or does self harm?

i have been cuting my body for a while makes me feel better

What are the signs of self harm?

Depressed mood, social withdrawl, unexplained cuts on the arm (although often times they do hide the area they self harm in) finding things like razor blades lying around their room...

What are some damages to the body from self-injuries?

Cuts ranging from superficial to very deep. Burns, broken bones, scratches and pretty much any other kind of injury you can imagine. Self harm leaves scars in many cases. If you self harm, there is help available to you, you just have to be open to it.

What can happen to you when you self-harm?

Just let me tell you from experience, please don'tdo it.Anyway, the side effects of self harm are varied compared to what kind of self harm you are partaking in.Generally side effects can be bruises/cuts which can be hard to hide.In the long run deep cuts leave scars which are sometimes hard to hide.Self harm also ruins your body, therefore making you less confident. For example even going to a beach could get ruined because you don't generally want people to see your scars/cuts/bruises.

What do you call a person that cuts their self?

A person who intentionally cuts themselves is often referred to as a self-harmer or someone who engages in self-injury. This behavior is usually a coping mechanism for dealing with emotional pain or distress. It's important for individuals who self-harm to seek professional help to address the underlying issues causing this behavior.

What are short term effects of self harm?

- Blood getting places - Cuts/burns on body - Scabs can become very itchy - People inquiring - Having cuts, and looking at them on a daily basis, can be a trigger for even more cutting.

Why is cutting yourself a problem?

Self-harm is a problem not only for the obvious reason that you are hurting yourself, but also because it can become an addiction. When someone cuts themself, the body releases endorphins that can be addictive. In addition to this, there is the risk of death, even if the self-harmer is not trying to commit suicide. Self-harm also indirectly hurts friends and family.