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Check out the WHO directory of medical schools under Pakistan or in the AVICENNA (WHO) directory of Medical for i know Saidu medical college is not yet listed in the WHO directory of medical schools and theirfor is not recognized. also check out in IMED.

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Q: Are saidu medical college was recognized by who?
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Is central medical college comilla MBBS degree is recognized by WHO?

No. This medical college is not recognized by who. Even it is NOT recognized by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Counsil and Bangladesh Government.

Is North Bengal Medical College of Bangladesh recognized or approved by WHO WHICH ARE the privet medical colleges in Bangladesh recognized by WHO?

Raj Shahi Medical college

Is chengde medical college recognized by WHO?

Chengde Medical college has been upgraded to chengde Medical university and it has been recognized by both WHO & CME. thanks

Is nightingale medical college in Bangladesh recognized by who?

There is no such medical college. pls check again

Weifang medical college recognized by who?

yes, it is.

Is samaj vittik medical college of Bangladesh approved by who?

Yes, it is a WHO recognized medical college of Bangladesh.

WHO recognized medical colleges of Bangladesh?

BGC trust medical college

Is Xuzhou Medical College recognized by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council?


List of Chinese medical college recognized by Pakistan medical and dental council?

No University is currently recognized by PMDC.

Is wenzhou medical college is recognized by WHO?

Is Wenzou Medical College in China recognised by World Health Organisation?

Is Wenzhou medical college recognized by Canada?

Some programs at Wenzhou Medical College in China are recognized in Canada. These include the University of Ottawa and the Canadian Orthopedic Foundation.

Is the Islamic International Medical College recognised by the WHO?

It is recognized by PMDC and WHO.