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Roaches themselves are not bad for your health, but often they can carry nasty diseases because they generally come from an unclean environment.

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Q: Are roaches bad for your health?
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How did Roachtown get its name?

The town had a really bad infestation of Roaches back in the mid 1800's. People became sick because of the large masses of roaches. Some of the largest roaches can be found in this area.

Who do you contact about roaches in your apartment?

Management or landlord. If no action - contact your local Health Department.

Are mothballs bad for cats?

sure it is. . mothballs are poisonous and used to kill pests like roaches.

Can a restaurant get shut down by the state health department for having roaches in Arkansas?

Not on the first inspection. They will be required to pay a fine and have a short amount of time to remedy the issue. If their not up to par by their appeal inspection then they can and will be shut down. If they have roaches it is a safe assumption that they are in violation of several other major health codes.

What color are roaches?

Roaches are brown?

Are white roaches are poison?

no,white roaches are not poison.

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How do roaches get into light fixtures?

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