Are pylons dangerous to health

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In 2006 I had the misfortune of spending a week at a friends house in the Byfleet & New Haw area in Surrey. I only discovered on arrival there were Pylons and high voltage cables trailing roughly 100M above their back garden. They initially assured me all the cables were de-commissioned several years previously.

Within a few hours I developed the worst migraine of my life. After 2 days with no relief from my headache, I raised the topic again. I was then advised 18 months previously his grandson who lived with them for 6 months did sadly passed away after suffering from childhood leukaemia. His symptoms started after 4 months living in their house.

This again may be coincidental but, but both my good friend and his wife now suffer from Alzheimer's. They are both aged in their late 50s.

Please also read the link below for scientific research:

Please also read (The French Courts now have protection in place for livestock):

There is sufficient evidence and research which strongly support the argument that EMF is harmful to humans, but I fear we will not see or hear anything regarding this in the UK press, because far too many people live close to pylons and high voltage electricity cable.

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Q: Are pylons dangerous to health
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