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Yes, they do!

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Q: Are primary care physicians responsible for diagnosis and treatment?
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Who is the primary gatekeeper who diagnosis the patient?

The primary gatekeepers are primary physicians. They decide which patients will have access to expensive tests, treatment and specialist referrals. Although some may say that each individual is the gatekeeper to their own health because if you don't like the response you are getting from your primary physician, you can change physicians, go to a clinic, call telehealth for advice, call your physician's governing body (College of Surgeons and Physicians), etc. If you know there is something wrong with your body and you are not getting results, you are your own best advocate!

What is the medical definition of second opinion?

the process of seeking an evaluation by another doctor or surgeon to confirm the diagnosis and treatment plan of a primary physician, or to offer an alternative diagnosis and/or treatment approach.

How do I know if I need eczema treatment?

If you really suffering from Eczema , then you need to contact your nearby primary care physician. I will recommended you the best primary care physician in new york , that is UrgentWay Walk In Medical Center In New York, their doctors is well certified physicians, including Skin Doctors, provide a thorough diagnosis and skin treatment.

How is a differential diagnosis of headache done?

Some primary care physicians give the patient a printed questionnaire that consists of 50-55 brief questions

Can you take minocycline for kidney infection?

Minocycline is highly unlikely to be an effective treatment for a kidney infection. See your primary care provider for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

What services does a primary care physician offer?

Primary care physicians are people's everyday doctors. Treating everything from illnesses to wellness checkups, they are also responsible for referring patients to specialists.

Who makes diagnoses of the causes for back pain?

The diagnosis of low back pain can be complicated. Most cases are initially evaluated by primary care physicians rather than by specialists.

Can the primary diagnosis and principal diagnosis be the same?


Doctor for type 2 diabetes what kind of doctor is best.?

Diabetes is typically diagnosed by a primary care provider, not by a specialist. It is a straightforward diagnosis. If a diabetes diagnosis is made, treatment is typically started by the primary care provider. If consultation is needed, it is with an endocrinologist.

What is the primary alcohol or drug overdose treatment?

A dual diagnosis treatment is the appropriate treatment for alcohol and drug overdose. The are rehabilitation programs that provides excellent treatment programs along with drug alcohol intervention.A bit more:If a person has overdosed on drugs, the primary treatment is to administer Narcan, which is an opiate antagonist. This means it helps to reverse the effects of the drug.

What is a primary diagnosis?


How many years of residence for Medical diagnostician?

So I assume you have been watching to much House. There is NO such job. The closest you will get in the medical field are primary care physicians who have to use differential diagnosis every day.