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No , potatoe chips are NOT healthy for your body !

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Q: Are potato chips healthy for your body?
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Is there such thing as healthy chips?

Chips aren't healthy but you can make them healthier than other chips by just frying a potato.

Do potato chips help your body?


What are the release dates for Reluctantly Healthy - 2011 Swap Potato Chips and Croutons with These?

Reluctantly Healthy - 2011 Swap Potato Chips and Croutons with These was released on: USA: 20 August 2012

How healthy are patatos?

they are as healthy as can be. but potato chips aren't. the reasons why chips are not healthy is because there is too much sodium. however, potatoes are because of the nutrition there is in it.

How are Doritos healthy?

They are not healthy because they still have high calories, but they are not as bad as potato chips.

Name something less healthy that potatoes get turned into?

Fries Potato Chips Hash browns Potato Salad

Is grahm crackers healthy?

Yes; they are a relatively healthy snack, at least compared to other things like potato chips.

Where does potato chips come from?

Potato chips were invented in Louisiana in 1853.

Why are potato chips unhealthy?

some people thick potato chips are healthy but they are not you can eat them or they will add alot of carbsAnswerPotato chips contain a lot of sodium and grease, which leads to acne for certain people. One bag of potato chips contains 160-300 calories, due to high amounts of carbohydrates. Consuming potato chips on a daily basis would lead to weight gain and possibly obesity.

Why are chips called chips not potato chunks?

because they are little chips of the potato not big chunks

Do potato chips cause constipation?


Are vege chips healthy to eat?

Veggie chips are more healthy to eat than traditional potato chips because they contain vitamins that other chips do not have, are often cooked in more healthy ways, and often count as part of your daily requirement of vegetables.