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some parents do spoil their children but some of them dont their grandmothers might spoil them their aunts or their uncles or their grandfathers.

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Q: Are parents the one who spoil there children?
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Do children get to go to theme parks if they want to always?

No only if the parents spoil their children

Is it good for parents to spoil their children?

Absolutely not! Spoiling is NOT healthy for a child's growth. There have to be limits. Sometimes, the answer has to be NO!

Why do parents spoil kids?

you get what you want and they don't

How do you get an iPod touch for your birthday day?

You ask for one, and it helps a lot if your parents are a) rich and/or b) willing to spoil you rotten!

Who are the better parents men or women?

the mom because they spoil you

One third of the Sullivan family is female children one half of the family is male children including the parents how many people are in the family?

Female children=4 Male children=6 Parents=2

Do children become prejudice from their parents?

Yes, children can learn to be prejudice from one or both of their parents or, they can also learn it from one friend or a group of friends in school.

Who has more responsibility parents to their children or children to their parents?

Parents are completely responsible for their children's wellbeing, so it's parents to children.

Why do parents feel the need to spoil their children?

Some times they don't even know they're spoiling them. They just want their kids to have a happy childhoods, and so they give them all they want to keep them content.

Do children have the same fingerprints as their parents?

No, no one's fingerprint is the same

What do children of mixed parents look like?

They look like their parents like all children do. or their grandparents. When it comes to color it can be one or the other or a mix.

What if you don't want your parents to spoil their grandchildren?

You have to remind your parents how they raised you and tell them you have rules. They can give their grandchildren some things, but not others.