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Pecans grow on pecan trees and walnuts grow on walnut trees...

Stupid grows on stupid trees... what a dumb answer.

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The most notable difference in appearance lies in the shape of pecans and walnuts. Walnuts resemble human brain in their formation, while pecans have deep ridges that are long though retaining the same elliptical shape. Pecans are dark brown, whereas walnuts are light brown in color. There are also differences in taste with distinct flavor of both pecans and walnuts. If you are in a market, you would be surprised to see higher priced pecan in comparison to better known walnuts.

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no, they are in the nut family but the words ' nuts ' is just supporting all kinds of nuts and pecan is just a sort of nut so just to be clear nuts and pecans are not the same

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Q: Are nuts and pecans the same thing?
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What is the average meat percentage for native pecans?

Pecans are nuts so they are 0% meat.

Are shay nuts and pecans the same thing?

Pecans are native to the central and eastern parts of the United States and parts of Mexico. Its earliest history can be traced to the 16th century. Back then, the nuts were named pecan -- a Native American term that described, "nuts that need a stone to crack it." I cannot find the term, "shay" associated with pecans. There is a shea tree that is native to Africa. The shea fruit contains an oily seed which is used to make shea butter. Shea butter is used in creams, lotions, and cosmetics.

What nuts begin with p?

Pecans, pine nuts, peanuts and pistachios are nuts. They begin with the letter p.

What are nuts that look like tiny brains?


What food group is pecans nuts or proteins?


What are all the different nuts used?

Some edible nuts are.... walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, Brazil nuts, pistachio nut, coconut, almonds, cashew nuts, pecans, chestnuts.

Is the fat content in a pecan higher than most nuts?

No. Almost all nuts are extremely high in fat, and pecans are no different. Pecans do have a very low amount of saturated fat relative to monounsaturated fat though. Deriving a portion of your daily fats from nuts such as pecans is likely a smart choice.

What can you eat growing wild in Georgia?

peaches pecans (nuts)

Can pecans cause allergy?

Yes, pecans are tree nuts and are recognized as being one of the more common food allergies.

What are some nuts that begin with the letter P?

Some nuts that begin with the letter P are: pecans pistachios pine nuts peanuts

Are pecans good for you?

Yes all nuts are good for you unless your allergic to it

What can be added to chocolate cake mix?

Nuts. pecans. almonds, etc.