Are men or women sexier

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Q: Are men or women sexier
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Why are women sexier than men?

Because men don't have to be sexier than women.

Are blind men sexier to women?

maybe, maybe not but mostly NO

Why do men love women with big booty and boobs?

Because it makes them sexier

Do women find black men sexier clean shaven or with facial hair?


Are men sexier than women?

That is an impossible comparison, since sexual orientation is at play: a straight man would argue that women are sexier simply because he is attracted to them and vice versa, just like a straight man can argue that men are sexier because he is slightly narcissistic and loves the way he may look.

Are men with goatees sexier?

Hell yeah!

What do ladies love about men?

Most ladies, like men who have a hairy chest first of all. There is nothing sexier to a real women than a man with a hairy chest.

Why do Lindsay Lohan only finishes the list of the sexiest women in the World?

because the women who came before her are sexier. because the women who came before her are sexier. It is not true! Lindsay is the best

Why nowadays women think that they look sexier or more attractive if they have bigger breast?

Women think that way because of the impression that men like bigger boobs are sexy. . Not only that, they think that bigger boobs can attract more men. .

Are Italian men sexier than british men?

Yes, yes they are, and I'm british.

Are bald men sexier?

it depends what kind of man you like girlfriend

What impact did the Industrial Revolution have on women?

It has made them prettier, smarter, richer, and sexier.

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