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Well, shrooms are illegal in the US. Some states will charge you with a felony if convicted, while others say it is just a misdemeanor charge. Since shrooms grow everywhere in America, police will not arrest you for having some growing in your front yard. So, even if the police are ABLE to identify the mushrooms as "magic," then they still cannot arrest you. But if you have shrooms that you have dried, then you can get charged with possession, and large amounts could mean 'intent to sell.' -Zakk

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no because they grow in the wild so you can't be charged if they are growing in your yard. But they are illegal if you dry them, then you can be charged with possession.

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Magic Mushrooms? Yes of course they are! Indiana Jones prohibited it!!

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Q: Are magic mushrooms illegal in Indiana?
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Are magic mushrooms in cow pattys in Indiana?


If you travel to Hawaii can you buy magic mushrooms there legally?

No. Magic mushrooms are illegal everywhere in the United States.

Are magic mushrooms found in TN?

Some species of magic mushrooms are found in Tennessee, but they are illegal to harvest and consume.

Are magic mushrooms illegal to grow in Pennsylvania?

yes very illegal

How do you turn magic mushrooms into LSD?

You can not, for any and all practical purposes, turn the active chemical in magic mushrooms into LSD. Beside, magic mushrooms is said to have a less jarring trip, and possessing and manufacturing drugs is illegal.

Are magic mushrooms illegal in VT?

Mushrooms are illegal in every Us state.. Usually scheduled as a class 2 drug. They're great though.

Where can you get magic mushrooms in the philippines?

The sale of magic mushrooms in the Philippines is not readily available. In the Philippines, fresh are not illegal, so when purchasing them make sure they are fresh and not dried.

How have magic mushrooms devolped from when they were discovered?

Psilocybin Mushrooms (Magic Mushrooms) are a hallocinogenic fungus that causes a variety of hallucinations and euphoric feelings when ingested. These mushrooms have been cross-bred to increase potency, and have become an illegal drug since their discovery.

What mushrooms that grow from cow dung can get you high?

The Psilocybin mushroom, or as it is more commonly known, magic mushrooms

Is there a legal use for magic mushrooms?

Unfortunately not anymore in the UK. Since 2005 and Law regarding Psilocybin containing mushrooms (Magic Mushrooms) has deemed them illegal in any form. Prior to this they could be bought legally fresh, however any preparation to the mushroom would classify it as a drug (dried mushrooms were illegal) Surprisingly Shrooms are a class A substance.

Should you take magic mushrooms?

Only if you really, sincerely want to. Be aware that they are illegal, though.

Is picking magic mushrooms illegal in the UK?

Well sir no picking shrooms in the uk is not illegal god bless america .balls on your chin.