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Break up with your boyfriend. Don't string him along. It may give the man you DO love the OK to ask you out.

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Q: Are in love with someone and its not your boyfriend?
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How do you get your boyfriend to love you?

sorry, but you cant make someone love yoyou cannot make someone love you, love is an uncontrolled emotion.You can get your boyfriend to love you!All you have to do is be loyal to him and keep on reminding him what he likes about you.

How do you love someone to be your boyfriend?

You can't make yourself love someone. And you can't control it. You'll fall in love with who you fall in love with. If you don't love your boyfriend, but your trieng to make yourself love him, then STOP it because your boyfriend should be the boy you love!But if you have to let him down, then do it gently...

What do when you love someone but you are not happy?

kiss my boyfriend and hug him

What if you love someone but you have a boyfriend and the worst its your ex?

,i will just forget my ex because i have my boyfriend..!

What if someone love you more then your boyfriend?

It all depends on who that someone is. If that someone is related to, then thats to be exspected , But if that someone just so happens to be another male , then you should think about how you feel about him. If you really love your boyfriend and your boyfriend really loves you thats all that should matter.

What if your boyfriend doesn't love you back?

You cannot make someone love you. If your boyfriend does not love you back move on. There is someone for everyone but sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince. Keep kissing. Just be careful.

What do you do if you want someone to be your boyfriend?

Ask him if he wants to go out (usually boys do it).Talk to him privately:hey, i am in love with you or i really love you! Could u be my boyfriend?

You love someone and they love you too but they have a boyfriend what do you do?

if the person you love, really does love you they'll break up with whoever they're with.

What happens if your boyfriend marries someone else but you still love him?

if you truly love him you let him go..

What do you do if your boyfriend is in love with someone else?

Break up with him.. He doesn't deserve you...

What do you do when your boyfriend leaves you and you really love him?

Get over it and find someone else.

How can you get your boyfriend to tell you that he loves you?

It's up to your boyfriend. You can't force someone to love you. It takes time and patience.