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Q: Are home remedies better than medicine?
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How do you write a paragraph about home remedies?

You write how you make it, how it is better than other remedies, and the effects.

How do africans get rid of malaria?

People did not have medicines back than. They used homemade remedies and traditional medicine.

Is one treatment for constipation better than another?

No, each individual will have their best results based on their own situation and should try various products or home remedies based on their needs.

How can you sure about medicines?

Before I take any type of Medicine, I always ask my doctor about side effects and whats in the medicine. If my doctor tries to piddle around about it, and I go home with it after getting them from the pharmacy, I'll ask the pharmacist or look it up online when i get home. I do my research... I like natural remedies, so I rarely do medicine. My cousin tells me all the time that if she can pronounce it, than she won't take it. :D hehehe <3Tiff

What happens if you take outdated Zoloft?

No ill effects. When medicine is essential outdated medicine is better than no medicine.

Is computer science better than medicine?


Are there any home remedies to get rid of your period?

Get pregnant... other than that, I do not believe you can just rid of it...

Is the quality of medicine better in America or Canada?

If you mean by medicine, the "practice of medicine", theU.S. is better(healthcare-wise) If you mean medications--the brand is more relevant than the country.

What home remedies helps get weed out of your system in 3 days?

None, THC stays in your system longer than any other drug you could use

What is a better field business or medicine?

Business makes less money than medicine unless you are in high positions in the company. Medicine makes a lot more money and there is personal satisfaction in helping and healing people. Medicine is an overall better field to go into.

What are the Army preventive medicine goals?

prevention is always better than cure.

What are the goal of the Army Preventive medicine?

prevention is always better than cure.