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Well it depends. if she laughs at you,makes fun of you,spreds romoors that aren't true then they dont like you there just a bullie but if girls are trying to make u laugh and are nice to you and is really wired around you then she likes you.

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YES! Guys fight (physically or just verbally) and get over it after a while . Some girls physically fight, but mostly we verbally fight and back stab. But girls mostly don't ever get over it. Some do, but a lot still don't.

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Q: Are girls too mean to each other?
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Do girls say love you too when they are having crush to each other?

Do you mean if two women say I love you to each other, do they have crushes on each other? 90% of the time, no. However if a woman isn't straight or if she is saying those words to her lover... them yes

How do you ask a girl who knows you like her but you two barely know each other?

hot girls know that every guy like them.. what are you asking about? do you mean, how to talk to a girl that you think is too good for you?

How do you know if he likes me if he is flirting with other girls?

If he is flirting with other girls it means he is a player girlfriend! It does not mean he isn't interested in you but it does mean he is interested in others as well. Don't fixate on just him... if he is keeping his options open, you should too!

Are toopy and binoo boys or girls?

toopy and benoo are gey and love each other very much a little too much

What does it mean when your partner bites you in their sleep?

You're sleeping too close to each other! =P

Do boys think about the same thing girls think when they around each other?

I dont think so because girls dont usually think too much about the sexual stuff like guys do

When a boy and a girl are fighting does that mean that they like other?

it could mean it because they could be flirting i do the same with a guy i like but they do like each other if they are laughing too.

What does 'Hoes before Broes' mean?

Girls before their opposite sex. Girls sticking through anything with other girls, not giving up to the man. And there is also a slang for girls too, it's " Chicks before Dicks " meaning the exactly same thing.

This guy at your school acts like he really hates you does that mean he likes you?

it really depends on how he acts around other girls if he only acts mean to you, it's more likely he likes you than if he's mean to everyone where as if he's only nice to you, and mean to other girls, he prob likes you too. hope i helped good luck!

Is she too shy to talk?

Maybe I mean a lot of girls are too shy to talk. But it depends on who the she is.

What does it mean when your friend asks your crush if he wanted to go uot with you but then avoids you?

He is probably too shy to talk to you because he thinks its too awkward, or he is too embarressed about what other people will think of you as his girlfriend or his taste in girls.

Is 18 and 19 too old for two girls to be giving each other shoulder rides for fun?

No. Play as long as you can. You have all your life to act old.