Are girls important to guys

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes,girls are important to guyss

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Q: Are girls important to guys
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Are girls more inportent than guys?

Yes girls are very important than guys. (WARNING!) BE NICE TO GIRLS! For real!

Is it important for guys to make girls smile or to see girls smiling?

both is important :D

Why is appearance so important to girls?

Girls want to feel hot and sexy so that guys would like them.

Why do guys get girls' attention?

the guys want the girls to notice them

Are you people guys or girls?

Some are guys, some are girls.

Who is better guys or girls?

Well some guys would say guys are, and some girls would say girls are.

Can we use guys for girls?

can we use guys for when stand 2 girls like hi guys

Why do guys make fun of my chicken legs but girls tell me i have cute legs to be a guy?

If girls tell you that your legs are cute and guys make fun of them, the guys may be jealous of your cute legs.

Why do girls make up guys?

Girls make up guys so they can fit in with the 'popular' girls or to make other guys jellous.

Why do guys touch girls?

Guys touch girls for different reasons. Sometimes guys touch girls to pick on them. They also touch girls to get their attention, to flirt, or just because.

What can girls do but guys can't?

Well, one, and very important, they can make babies. But, they are generally more flexible.

Are guys simple like girls?

Guys and girls are both NOT simple trust me!