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well heart wants what it wants.

see ya

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it depends what your perseptions are if you like guy then guys are more attractive and if you like girls then grls are more attractive.

but girls are more pritty

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Q: Are girls attracted to boys as much as boys are attracted to girls?
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What are boys attracted to in girls?

Confidence and kindness

What does bisexuial mean?

When you are attracted girls and boys

Why do gay girls like girls butts?

Because they are attracted to girls and not boys

Why do girls in Hardy Boys like abs so much?

The girls in The Hardy Boys are in their later teens and it is normal for them to be attracted to features of opposite sex like abs, etc.

I made out with a guy once does that mean im gay?

No, it does not mean you're gay. It might have been a mistake. You may be bisexual. But you have to ask yourself, are you attracted to girls or boys or even both? If you are attracted to girls, you are straight. If you are attracted to boys, you are gay. If you are attracted to boys and girls, you are bisexual. If you are gay or bisexual, there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

Does Cassie only into girls?

Cassie is attracted to both girls and boys, as she is bisexual.

Is it gay for boys to grind girls?

no because you are just attracted by them.

Are you lesbian if you like guys and girls?

"Lesbian" is a term used to identify a girl that is sexually attracted to another girl. If you are sexually attracted to both sexes (boys as well as girls), then you would be bisexual - someone who is sexually attracted to boys andgirls.

Do boys like girls if they are gay?

no if they like boys and girls they r by though

Why do boys like it when girls jump?

because boys are naturally attracted to the bouncing of a females upper body

What does heterorsexual mean?

It means people are physically, sexually attracted to partners of the other gender, so boys like girls and girls like boys. People who are homosexual feel attracted to people of the same gender, bisexuals can and will feel attracted to people of both genders.

How do you make boys attracted to girls?

By being yourself ;) Talk to them so they know who you are.