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It depends on how mature the girl and boy are.

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Q: Are fifteen-year old girls the same level of maturity as boys their own age?
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Are fifteen-year-old girls on the same level of maturity as boys their own age?

No girls always mature faster then boys its a proven fact

Are fifteen year old girls on the same level of maturity as boys their own age?

10 years

Do girls reach physical and sexual maturity earlier than girls?

No, I think that boys reach it quicker than girls. Girls want to hold back when they get to that stage. Actually, you don't really have a choice when it comes to puberty/sexual maturity. Boys generally reach puberty later than girls, and finish later as well.

Why do boys act childish?

Boys may act childish at times due to their maturity. It is known that girls mature much quicker than boys.

On the average boys reach physical and sexual maturity earlier than girls?

Quite the opposite, boys mature much slower than girls. That's why girls usually date older men.

Is it natural for girls to like older boys?

yes, it's perfectly normal for girls like older boys especially 2 years and up. Girls mature 2 years faster than boys, so therefore girls that are dating boys older are maturity the same age.

Do girls and boys play on the same level?

same level of what?!?

How to test the maturity level of adolesent boys?

http:/ This link above will test boys up to 21 and gives you a pretty accurate response. Hope this helps.

Who stops maturing first boys or girl?

Sexual maturity is at age 13 in case of boys. It's averagely one year before the girls.

Does puberty occur at the same time for all boys and girls?

Girls start and finish a year earlier on average. Boys tend to mature a bit slower then girls

Why are girls more mature than boys?

it depends on who you ask girls usually say yes guys usually say no im a guy and i say yes because i know guys and they aren't to bright sometimes lol i thought u asked ARE they more mature my bad

Are girls mentally more mature than boys?

Yes, girls do mature faster than boys, girls brains develop faster than boys. Girls have mature brains at about 20, boys at around 25. This fact does not affect the abilities or character of either; other factors affect those and are not gender specific.